Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him


Because my first gift guide resonated so well with you guys, I've decided to make gift guides a regular post on Missmisschelle! At first, I'll be honest that I absolutely dreaded writing gift guides because I preferred writing about personal life lessons or inspirational pieces instead. However, the more I got into writing the gift guide and coming up with cool presents to gift your loved ones, the more passionate I felt towards researching gift ideas that could help you guys out during the holidays. Plus, I always want to help you guys out in any way possible and if product reviews/recommendations are one way to do it, then I'm all for it! So this February 2018, I present to you my second gift guide - a Valentine's Gift Guide For Him.

Before I get into the details of my recommended Valentine's Day gift options for him, I just wanted to say that I'm all about FAIRNESS and EQUALITY in a relationship. The reason I'm bringing this up is because I hear stories about a partner expecting their man to gift them a luxurious item, only to do or give nothing in return. Honestly, I'm pretty against this mentality and feel that both parties should work just as hard to express their love through words, actions, or gifts, regardless if it's Valentine's Day or not.

Additionally, that's one huge reason why I created this gift guide - to remind everybody that it takes two to tango and that you should want to give willingly and not out of obligation. Remember that Valentine's Day is about celebrating the beauty of love, whether it's with your partner, family, friends, or pet (not even lying here! Pets need love too, haha). Don't allow materialistic items to take away the meaning of this holiday, but gift with good intentions and genuine feelings. If you aren't about physical gifts, expressing your love through words or gestures work too!

Now that we have that covered, let's get on with the Valentine's Day gift guide!


A classic watch is a man's best friend...or at least I'd say so! Personally, I don't know any guys who don't wear a watch and maybe it's because it's such a versatile and useful accessory to pair with any casual look.

If you are looking for a few watch brand options to choose from, here are a few watch companies that I'd recommend getting your boo this Valentine's Day. Daniel Wellington and Leonard and Church carry trendy watches, while Fossil blows my mind with their technological Gen 3 Smartwatch. Be sure to click the pictures below for a closer look on each of these watches, or click the links below if you want to browse around the brand's website instead. Happy Shopping!

Daniel Wellington
Leonard and Church


If your man isn't wearing a watch, then there's a good chance that he's wearing a Fitbit! Want your man to be more health-conscious this year when it comes to tracking how many steps he takes in the office per day, how many calories he consumes per day, or how much sleep he gets per night?

Personally, I love Fitbit because of it's user-friendly mobile app and the fact that you can compare/compete/interact with your friends on the Fitbit app itself. If there's one thing that keeps me motivated, it's having like-minded and ambitious friends who are as health-conscious as I am! Presenting the Fitbit collectiom - available in multiple colors and multiple styles/functions.

Couples Massage

As if there isn't a more intimate gift to give this Valentine's Day - the gift of a romantic couples massage. Although I personally never experienced a couple's massage before, it's definitely still on my to-do list. But, I can safely say that I LOVE massages for its beneficial health effects so a couples massage shouldn't be much different than what I've already experienced!

If your man is a workaholic in the office or spends a lot of time working out at the gym or playing ball on the court, there's a huge chance that he has a bunch of kinks and knots in his back that create strain and tension throughout his body. Not only do massages relieve stress (HUGE reason why I go), but it's proven to reduce muscle tension and enhance exercise performance and range of motion. If you or your partner has never had a massage before, read this article here for more information on how massages are beneficial for your health. In fact, I just got a 60-minute massage a couple days ago and I can feel a HUGE difference in the flexibility and looseness of my back - it's not as stiff as it felt before I got the massage. Trust me when I say massages really work!

Lastly, if you are based in the OC/LA area, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Burke Williams Spa. I visited the Mission Viejo location in Orange County twice last year (once alone and once with my best friend, Marisa) and we were nothing but pleased with our entire experience. Not only is the staff very accommodating and friendly, but all of the facilities were clean, organized, and welcoming. How can you resist cucumber eye masks and a eucalyptus steam room to relax from the day's stresses? Count me in for a reservation!

Burke Williams Spa


I recently discovered Mancrates through a friend during my Big Bear trip and can I just say that it's one of the coolest gift boxes ever?! Mancrates is a company that designs personalized gift boxes for men. From alcoholic beverages to board games to grilling essentials to project kits, they have it ALL!

And there's nothing that makes your man feel even more like a man when they have to open their Mancrate with a wrench that's provided with the gift box ;)

Here are a few Mancrates favorites that caught my eye:

The Clean Shave Crate

Taco Mania Crate

Game Night Crate

Pizza Grilling Crate

NBA Barware Crate

Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate

Stitch Fix Men

If there's one gift that a man can't complain about, it's getting him a new shirt or outerwear piece to wear out on date nights or with his buddies.

But even if you want to get him a new article of clothing, where do you start? If you find yourself struggling to pick out the perfect piece for your man, then that's what Stitch Fix Men is for!

Personally, I've worked at Stitch Fix for six months in the past and LOVED using the service myself! Essentially, you take an online survey (or in this case, your man's) describing your (or his) styling preferences. From there, you are assigned a Personal Stylist who will take care of the rest of the work for you! Your personal stylist then assess all of the information you've submitted in the survey and crafts a personalized box of clothing just for their client! Additionally, I love how Stitch Fix boxes come with style cards so that you can see visual examples of HOW to style each piece that's included in your box. Talk about a rad gift!

The Classic Button-Down

I don't know about you, but something makes me fall head over heels for a guy (that I like, obviously LOL) who's dressed in a classic button-down. The classic button-down makes an entire outfit look simple, clean, and fresh. Okay enough drooling Michelle, but can you tell us a little more about where to buy this classic button-down?

Sure thing! Personally, I love the quality and look of Frank and Oak's button-down pieces so be sure to check out their online store for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Also, I've heard great things about Everlane so don't forget to check out their website as well! I've listed both stores below in case you wanted to look into each brand more.

Frank and Oak


I hope that this gift guide helped y'all out and please let me know in the comments below what gift resonates with you the most! Until then, I'll talk to y'all soon.

Much Love,