2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Her


As much as I love the feeling of buying a special present for a loved one, I absolutely hate the struggle of picking out the perfect present. I mean, the possibilities are endless and we don't want that awkward moment when your loved one says thank you through a forced smile and an obvious disinterest for your handpicked present - who's with me? Let's avoid awkward moments together this holiday season by shopping early and shopping smart! And what better way to do that with a handy dandy holiday gift guide that I've created JUST for this occasion, huzzah! ;) Whether you're shopping for your grandma, your mother, your sisters, your significant other, or your best female friend, this holiday gift guide applies to EVERYBODY and I'll be sure to list below which present is best for its respective audience. So without further ado, let's get shopping!

Inspirational, Funny, or Cute Morning Mugs + Tea/Coffee

Maybe I'm just a grumpy snuffleupagus until I've had my morning coffee poured into an adorable and Instagrammable worthy mug, but can I just say that owning an appealing mug REALLY makes my morning 10 times better? If your loved one is drinking out of a boring ass mug every single day before going to work, I'm not gonna lie that their morning is lacking a bit of excitement and that they (don't know that they) need something to start their day with a BANG! By going out of your way to pick out the perfect mug, this gesture really shows that you put a lot of time and thought into their gift. With a new and fun mug to drink out of, this little change can really improve one's morning and can guarantee an awesome day full of happiness and productivity.

Personally, I love mugs with inspirational or fun quotes from Francesca's Collections or Target, but there are plenty of mugs to choose from at other stores as well! To each their own, but do shop with your loved one's interests/preferences in mind.

If you want to go all out, I suggest gifting them their special mug with an awesome tea or coffee brand (whichever they prefer more)! I recommend Bigelow Decaf Green Tea for tea lovers, and Nescafe Decaf Taster's choice House Blend for coffee addicts.

Fun & Useful Subscription Boxes

I love subscription boxes for the fact that it's (most likely) a surprise package tailored to your loved one's interests at heart. And if you hit the bulls-eye with this present, you could even get your loved one hooked on the company enough to be a monthly subscriber! Now don't you want to be that special person in their life who introduces them to great things? ;) With these subscription boxes, I've personally tried and loved them or I heard really great things about the brand.

With Adore Me, I am HOOKED on their activewear and sleepwear because of their guaranteed comfort and trendy styles. Every week, I literally rep Adore Me to the gym whether it's one of their flowy tanks or stretchy leggings. As for sleepwear, I adore their comfy slip dresses and matching top/bottoms sets.

As for Date Nite Box, I have never tried this before, but the concept of this box sparked my interest. I've seen influencers post about it on Instagram and honestly, I couldn't agree that this isn't a shabby gift idea for your boo! In a way, you'd be treating yo self as well ;)

Similarly to Adore Me, Ellie has been sending me monthly subscription boxes filled with comfy ass activewear pieces. If I'm not wearing Adore Me to the gym, I'm definitely wearing Ellie. The only con is that I wish I could share my preferences with the Ellie team, but I guess that's the element of surprise for ya!

I discovered Thoughtfully at a Beverly Hills media event a couple months back and absolutely LOVE the concept of these boxes! Not only are they packaged beautifully (teal boxes for the win!), but each Thoughtfully Box contains themed items that will really make . If you honestly can't think of a present and don't want to risk getting something your loved one may not enjoy, Thoughtfully serves as the perfect housewarming, party, or family gift. I mean, is that Godiva Cocoa Indulgence Set catching anyone's eye or is it just me? ;)

Adore Me - Lingerie, Sleepwear, Activewear
Date Nite Box - Date Night Ideas
Ellie - Activewear
Thoughtfully - Handcrafted Gift Boxes

Badass Electronics You Need For 2018

Okay, now this section can get a bit pricey, but who says you can't ever splurge on a loved one? One of the BEST decisions I've ever made with electronics was purchasing my sleek and trustworthy white Bose headphones. Originally, I've purchased these bad boys specifically for the gym (who else hates their earbuds falling out during your treadmill run?!), but I've learned that they've proven to be quite useful during webcam sessions as well. The noise-cancelling quality is phenomenal, and I couldn't be a happier customer. If you're looking for a dope set of headphones for the gym, this product is the one.

I've recently adopted a Google Home Mini from their Venice Pop-Up Shop event about a month ago and I've been loving my new companion! I mainly use this device to play music, but it's also fun to ask it random questions at times when you're in search of a quick answer. Not only is the Google Home Mini useful, but it is sold at a very affordable price range as well.

If your loved one is a fitness enthusiast, buying them a Fitbit or a Ringly is a genius present in my honest opinion. Fitbits come in all shapes, functions, and sizes, so be sure to do your research on its features and price point before buying one! As for Ringly, this is a fashionable alternative to the Fitbit for the ladies who want a gorgeous accessory to also serve as their fitness tracker. 

Makeup, Skincare, or Miscellaneous Product Must-Haves

I'm not going to go into too much detail with this section, but I recommend all of these products based on personal preference. Instytutum has been my holy grail of skincare for over a year now, Tarte Cosmetics has been my go-to eyeshadow palette for months, and you can never go wrong with eye masks to eliminate those eye bags from DHC. In other words, these are products that I currently use, and will continue to use on regular basis.

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The Number One Athletic Shoe You Need In Your Life

Let me just say that going cheap on athletic shoes has bit me in the ass multiple times. No, I'm not saying buy the most expensive shoe that's in the market because that would be ridiculously stupid move if you have no clue what you're doing either. I'm talking about investing in a shoe that will provide long-term comfort, mobility, and wear-and-tear. Ladies, I'm talking about the Adidas PureBOOST Xpose. Whether I'm walking the dogs around the neighborhood or sweating up a storm on the stairmaster, these babies have not disappointed one bit. Honestly, it feels like I'm walking on clouds 24/7 and my feet have never once ached from its supportive cushion. And lucky for your female friend, it's on sale right now for $70! ;)

Buy the Adidas PureBoost Xpose here.

Sweater Weather

Hands down, Express carries the comfiest and chic sweaters of the year. Snag one of these babies by clicking on any of the photos above, or head over to their website check out various other styles! These eight styles were the ones that caught my eye (P.S. I own sweaters #1 and #3, heh) ;)

If you found this holiday gift guide useful, it'd be much appreciated if you could click the HEART button at the bottom of this post and let me know in the comments section below what caught your eye! ;) Happy Holidays from my family to yours, and I hope that you have a stress-free Christmas shopping experience this year!

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