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Did you ever want to get a good workout in, but didn't want to leave the house to do so? Or, did you want to take your workout scenery game to the next level and workout from practically ANYWHERE? With the BodyBoss fitness guide, now you can! By investing just 24 active minutes of your day, 3 times per week, you're on the way to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally!


But first, let me tell you a little bit about my current fitness schedule. I head to the gym anywhere from 3-5 days per week anywhere between 5PM - 11PM. However, my gym closes by 7PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, which definitely interferes with the usual time of my workout routine. Because I prefer work out at night (as shown in my previous Instastories), I used to skip the gym on those specific dates until I discovered BodyBoss fitness guide. Now, I can apply the BodyBoss guide to my fitness lifestyle with ease, as everything is explained in precise details and comes with visual images to teach you various stretches and exercises along the way.

The workouts in this guidebook are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and comes with recommended cardio/recovery exercises on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Specifically, Mondays tone the Legs & Booty, Wednesdays focus on the Arms, and Fridays work out your Abs & Core for a full-body workout. Thus, when I was using BodyBoss, I focused on toning certain parts of my body on the weekdays, while I spent weekends hitting the gym to keep my heart rate pumping!

The first day that I did my BodyBoss workout, my legs were literally sore for three days after (Proof: I'm currently typing this post on the third day and I can still feel the pain when I get out of a seat or walk down the stairs #legday). However, it's a good type of pain when you know you get a good workout in ;) Eventually, the longer you do any work out, the more your body becomes accustomed to the intensity. In other words, it gets easier over time, but the entire workout still remains a challenge from start to finish. I started with the bonus 4-week pre-training program for beginners (aka me) so that I could prepare my body for the REAL DEAL, which is the day you start Cycle 1, Day 1! Trust me when I say that going through the pre-training program will be worth every second of preparation! With time, the fitness journey becomes easier, but it's definitely a challenge throughout to make it till the very end since HIIT focuses on high intensity calorie and fat burning!

Although there are specific workouts that come with each day, it's very important to do the workouts at your own pace and listen to your body. If the workout intensity is too high, do what's comfortable for you and your body until you build your strength and endurance! Remember, working out at your own pace is better than giving up or not working out at all! ;)

Now, I wanted to share with you guys THREE reasons why I love the BodyBoss workout and why you should hop on board too.

1) Save time with a short workout that produces effective results.

Especially for a busy bee like me, I always value routines that take a short amount of time, but still give me the end result I want. Because the BodyBoss fitness guide incorporates HIIT, or high intensity interval training, into their workout, I love how I can burn calories both quickly and effectively. The program includes four cycles in the span of three weeks, which allows you to reach optimal fat burning, power, fitness, and fat burning. Goodbye fat, and hello fit!

2) Visual and colorful images that describes each workout and stretch as clearly as possible.

I'm a visual learner - always have been, always will. When I opened their fitness guide for the very first time, I was stunned at just how beautiful and organized their content was. From inspirational quotes to detailed workout guides, I was sold from just a couple of flips through their colorful pages.

Lastly, I just HAD to share with you guys some of my favorite quotes from this booklet. Feel free to use them for a future Instagram caption if you like em too ;)
"Be a bad ass with a good ass"
"Do it for the yourself, not the likes"

3. Changing up the workout keeps your body challenged & your mind refreshed!

Nobody likes repetition! In the BodyBoss fitness guide, there are four weeks of pre-training followed by four cycles of actual training. For each day of the week, this booklet instructs you on which stretches or workout exercises to perform. And when Week 1's routine is over, Week 2's is completely different! Yay to new challenges ahead!

But seriously, variety matters and is what keeps me motivated when I work out. I just love how this book plays the role of a motivational fitness coach that is rooting for you at the end of the finish line!


Get Your BodyBoss Guide: 

You can purchase the E-guide & the physical book online at a promotional price right now! Additionally, you can view the guide on your phone or tablet as well while working out!

If you guys have any questions about the BodyBoss fitness guide or program, don't hesitate to ask me a question via the comment box or Instagram DMs - I'm always here to answer your questions and love engaging with my audience! Until then, I'll talk to you guys soon. Stay healthy, stay happy!

*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BodyBoss, but all opinions remain my own.


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