Valentine's Day with Nicole Miller

Although I am spending my entire Valentine's Day working in NYC, I couldn't be happier to be surrounded by good company who know how to balance both work and play. My idea of an enjoyable Valentine's Day includes celebrating the concept of love with the people that you love, whether it be your partner, family members, friends, pet(s), and more. If I wasn't in NYC on a business trip, this would be the very exact outfit I would rock if I were to spend this special day with my girlfriends or significant others.

Nicole Miller literally designed the dress of my dreams when I took a look at the quality, fit, and style of this Lace and Fringe Tank Dress. Although I added a few Nicole Miller dresses to my online shopping cart, I just knew that this piece was the ultimate winner. Since the rest of the dresses in my cart carried the simplistic romantic style that I was always drawn towards, I told myself to try something different for a change. In the end, the striking combination of lace and fringe on this tank dress convinced me enough to want to explore outside my comfort zone. Since I am typically the kinda gal who likes to get a good value out of her purchases, I just knew that this dress would serve as the perfect piece for more than one occasion. Besides Valentine's Day, this tank dress can also make a grand appearance at semi-formal banquets, events, and parties.

If you've followed Missmisschelle for a while, you've probably noticed that I am a huge sucker for lace pieces. However, I wasn't always the biggest fan of fringe and find it difficult to style unless I absolutely love the piece. With this tank dress, I find myself drawn towards the fringe because of its lightweight fabric and creative design. If you were to look closely, the polyester fringe details is delicately woven in a "polka dot" fashion from top to bottom of each fringe.

Not only do I value quality pieces, but I also take into consideration the comfort of my outfits. If something isn't comfy, there's a high chance that I wouldn't purchase it. As for my Nicole Miller tank dress, it is literally the comfiest and sexiest semi-formal piece I have added to my closet as of lately. Also, I've received multiple compliments on this dress and it is such a unique piece that will turn heads on any street (like when I shot this dress at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills during golden hour, hah). If you're looking for a dress that radiates edgy, romantic, and fun vibes all at once, Nicole Miller's Lace And Fringe Tank Dress is just what you're looking for! To spruce this outfit up even more, I added Nicole Miller's sparkly heels for that extra glam factor. Dressed from head-to-toe in Nicole Miller, I wanted to give a special thanks to Jessica from @notjessfashion for giving me the opportunity to pick out these pieces for my Valentine's Day look!

Before I end this post, I also wanted to remind you guys of something that we should always be aware of. As cheesy as it sounds, I wanted to kindly remind you guys to shower your loved ones with different gestures of love every single day. Although Valentine's Day is a special holiday to celebrate love, we shouldn't designate this day as the only time to express love. Besides, it's more fun to celebrate love when it's constantly flowing instead of making plans out of force or obligation. Whether you pour your feelings out on a card, buy a bouquet of flowers, say "I love you", or make a cute scrapbook of photos for somebody special, be sure to follow through with any of these gestures out of pure love without expecting anything in return. Trust me when I say that love feels best when it's completely genuine and from the heart.

With that, I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget the fact that I'm sending every single one of you much love and positive vibes from New York City!

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Dress: Nicole Miller NYC
Heels: Nicole Miller NYC

Sharon L. from @sharonlitz

Much Love,