Four Essential Outerwear Pieces You Need This Holiday Season

Tis' the season for warm outerwear pieces! Just when Orange County finally became cold, I've picked up a few essential outerwear pieces YOU need to have in your wardrobe this winter season! After all, bundling up in cute layers with your favorite hot beverage makes for the perfect Instagram photo, am I right? ;) So what pieces do I recommend picking up just in time for Christmas and New Year's? Let's find out together!

1. Black Leather Jacket
I absolutely LOVE how a black leather jacket spruces up the edgy chic factor up a notch when you pair this piece with a simple casual or classic semi-formal outfit. Black is, and always will be, a classic and timeless color. In other words, this jacket is definitely worth the investment no matter how little or much you spend on one. I've been wearing my black leather jacket by Bernardo Fashions (which you can pick up at your local Costco!) for years now and I have no complaints whatsoever. Layer a black leather jacket over your favorite holiday dress and you got yourself a glamorous New Year's Eve look ;)

Also, if you want to add a little playfulness to your outfit, substitute black for a different color instead! I also own a wine leather jacket by Kut From The Kloth and it is the literally the comfiest thing ever! Additionally, I love how my Kut From The Kloth piece carries different textures and fabrics, making it more unique and fun than your average leather jacket! Find it online here - trust me, you'll love it as much as I do.


[Outfit #1 Details - Red]
Black Leather Jacket: Bernardo Fashions
Scarf: Hollister Co.
Dress: Kut From The Kloth
Purse: Hammitt LA
Shoes: Shop Maria

[Outfit #2 Details - Black & Gold]
Black Leather Jacket: Bernardo Fashions
Dress: AGACI
Clutch: Nicole Lee USA
Shoes: De Blossom Collection
*Use discount code "missmisschelle" to save 35% off your entire De Blossom Collection purchase at checkout.

[Outfit #3 Details - Wine & White]
Wine Leather Jacket: Kut From The Kloth
Scarf: Hollister Co.
Dress: Papaya Clothing
Purse: Hammitt LA
Shoes: Shop Maria

2. Long Sleeved Trenchcoat
I'm pretty picky when it comes to trenchcoats so I'm only willing to spend on one if I find a piece that has the perfect fit, color, and style. Courtesy of Dezzal Online, I had the honor of trying their Light Blue Trenchcoat. The color is absolutely stunning and I've received a TON of compliments on it, hooray! However, I'll be honest that the sizing wasn't to my liking at all. I ordered a Size Large because I like to size up with outerwear pieces so that I can wear layers underneath them. However, the sleeves of the trenchcoat were much too tight to provide comfortable mobility, whereas the entire trenchcoat size consumed my body size rather than flattered it. If I sized down to a Size Medium, I wouldn't even be able to move my arms at all - so there's definitely a sizing issue here. I absolutely love the color and the material, but the size just wasn't cutting it for me. This light blue trenchcoat is an outerwear piece I can take with me for a quick meal with friends, but definitely something I would not enjoy wearing throughout the entire day. Also, I own a few lightweight trenchcoats that I absolutely adore from Irene's Story, but they serve as more spring/fall pieces and would not be able to keep me warm in cold weather. All in all, I still haven't found the perfect trenchcoat piece but if you have, then you've found a lucky winner!

[Outfit Details]
Trenchcoat: Dezzal Online
Sweater: Pacsun
Jeans: Wild Blue Denim
Shoes: Brooks Heritage

3. Faux Fur Vest
Yay for faux fur! The faux fur trend definitely grew on me, as I never really liked the idea of wearing faux fur to begin with. I borrowed this faux fur vest by Charlotte Russe from my good friend, Thy, for our fashion shoot. Honestly, if Charlotte Russe was still selling this piece, I would buy it in a jiffy! It was extremely soft and lightweight and served as the perfect layer to add to a casual fall look. Similarly to my trenchcoat story, I unfortunately haven't found a good faux fur vest to purchase yet. However, Thy told me that her faux fur vest was anywhere from $30-$40, which is not a bad price for something that adds texture to your entire look.

[Outfit Details]
Faux Fur Vest: Charlotte Russe
Dress: Synergy Clothing
Clutch: Nicole Lee USA
Boots: Shop Maria

4. Bomber Jacket
I haven't had the chance to shoot any fashion looks with my bomber jacket yet, but I recently picked one up from Charlotte Russe at the Gilroy Outlets. Attempting to go out of my comfort zone once again, I chose a cotton candy pink bomber jacket rather than your typical forest green, white, or black bomber jacket. My bomber jacket was a bit more cropped than I would have liked, but it was very lightweight and warm. I felt like a gooey pink marshmallow wearing it, haha. Stay tuned on my Instagram for a future shoot with it!

And that about sums up four outerwear pieces that I recommend every woman to pick up this holiday season! What is your favorite outerwear piece? I'd love to know in the comments section below. Stay warm everybody!

Thy Nguyen from @thy.time

Much Love,