Holidays with KM

I just love the winter season to spend quality time with our loved ones, don't you? When I flew back to the Bay Area for the last half of November to relax with family and catch up with friends, the workaholic and social butterfly inside of me wanted to plan a holiday party. Before any planning commenced, I had convinced myself that this just wasn't possible with people's busy schedules during the holiday season. However, with the help from the lovely owners of Ketsourine Macarons and blogger babe Eva, I was able to spontaneously host a holiday party for both Bay Area bloggers and my close friends. All of our planning was done in a matter of less than four days, but I was quite impressed with the outcome. When you have a passionate and positive group of people to work with, anything can be made possible.

On November 27, I invited a few Bay Area bloggers that I wanted to meet or reconnect with in person. These fashionable beauties included Eva from @simplyevahxoDiana from @the.chic.diaryYvonne from @everydayyvonneYani from @uniquelyyani, and Alice from @wonderlostxx. Additionally, two of my favorite companies were able to join us on such short notice as well - Eyemimo San Francisco and Shop BEXOEyemimo San Francisco also appeared at my 24th birthday party, but I was so glad to work with them once again. This beauty company contributed their beautiful falsies, nail polish, and various makeup palettes to my guests. Shop BEXO is an Orange County based jewelry company that designs handmade chokers, necklaces, and bracelets. As a genuine supporter of Shop BEXO, I wanted to help my good friend and Shop BEXO owner, Jackie, to promote her newly created jewelry line through these Bay Area influencers. Within just weeks of discovering Shop BEXO, I've heard so much positive feedback for Jackie's brand and wish her all the luck in the world to continue to create jewelry that spreads positivity and good vibes everywhere. By the end of the party, each blogger babe got to take home a Shop BEXO choker of her choice as well as one Eyemimo SF product.

And have any of you guys heard of the #mannequinchallenge?! It's one of the current video trends that have become viral on Instagram. Essentially, you get together a group of people to "freeze" in mid-action while a skilled videographer slowly pans through the entire room. We filmed two #mannequinchallenge videos at Ketsourine Macarons - one with just the Bay Area bloggers and another take with everybody! Personally, I love watching mannequin challenges with more people because it just creates a more "party-like" atmosphere that captures the true essence of fun and excitement. Our Instasgram video actually received a lot more views (more than 1000 on Instagram!) than I expected and it just makes me want to film another one sometime soon! :)

Watch our holiday #mannequinchallenge here:

Lastly, I just wanted to thank EVERYBODY who attended my holiday party on such short notice - especially to those who received the invitation the day before and still made it out, LOL. I wanted to give a special thanks to Eva for helping me create the holiday party of my dreams and for always encouraging me to go all-out with party decorations and creative ideas. She's pretty much the best party co-host you could ever ask for ;) And of course, thank you so much to Ketsourine Macarons for allowing me to host our party at your shop and for being my favorite macaron shop of all time. With that, Happy Holidays everybody! :)

Check out an entire gallery of holiday party photos by searching/clicking the hashtag #holidayswithKM on Instagram.

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Ketsourine Macarons (@ketsourinemacarons) - Macarons & Hot Cocoa
Shop BEXO (@shopbexo) - Chokers
Eyemimo San Francisco (@eyemimosanfrancisco) - Falsies, Nail Polish, & Makeup

Eva Ortega and Runil

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