Top 5 Favorite Bay Area Coffee Shops + Mother's Day Gift Inspo

Yep, it's just another one of those days where I feel like "I Can't Adult Today". Don't we all miss the carefree days of watching TV marathons, playing video games, or running around the playground with friends? I know I do. As much as I miss the luxury of free time and not having to juggle multiple responsibilities, I am also happy to be living the adult life, choosing my own career path and making my own life decisions. As a lifestyle blogger, I tend to take care of most of my work at a nearby coffee shop or from the comfort of my own home. Today, I will be sharing with all of you caffeine lovers where my top five coffee shops are located in the Bay Area (in no particular numerical order of preference).

1. Ketsourine Macarons in Daly City: If you didn't follow me on Snapchat (missmisschelle) already, you probably haven't realized how often I visit this cute little macaron shop. In fact, all of these photos are taken at Ketsourine Macarons and you'll never see me here without my camera in hand. On a serious note, I'm not the only one who jokes that this place is literally my second home - an out-of-state blogger pal even inquired through Snapchat how often I go to Ketsourine Macarons, haha! Even with the 45-minute drive, working at Ketsourine Macarons is always a worthy experience because of its peaceful work environment and hospitable staff members.
+ Wi-Fi: Free
+ Favorite Drink: Cold Brew Iced Coffee (Strawberry Pomegranate Earl Grey Tea is good too!)
+ Favorite Macaron Flavor: Smores
+ Indoor Seating
+ Perks: Cute quote on the wall, minimalistic interior

2. Reveille Coffee Co in San Francisco: A couple months back, I stumbled upon this popular gem through a spontaneous Yelp search when looking for a new coffee shop in San Francisco with my friend. You already know that I swooned over the cute front entrance, with its hanging lights and inviting wooden tables. At Reveille, I have had the BEST Vanilla Latte ever here and I'm already awaiting the day that I return to Reveille Coffee Co. I'm personally a sweet tooth and a lot of lattes that I've had were more on the plain or bitter side, but Reveille's Vanilla Latte had the PERFECT amount of sweetness.
+ Wi-Fi: Free
+ Favorite Drink: Vanilla Latte
+ Indoor & Outdoor Seating

3. Sue's Gallery in Saratoga: I love how I live so close to one of the hottest coffee shops on the block. Sue's Gallery is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with their beautiful abundance of succulents, pottery, pastries, and drinks. You already know that a succulent is going on my Instagram when I visit Sue's Gallery, haha. I recommend this coffee shop to chat with a friend, as it does get a bit loud at times. The second floor acts more like a "study" lounge, but if you need an absolute quiet place to get work done, I personally don't recommend going here unless you bring your soundproof earphones.
+ Wi-Fi: Free
+ Favorite Drink: Caramel Latte
+ Indoor & Outdoor Seating
+ Perks: Various collection of succulents to take pictures with (and that you can purchase!), game boards provided

4. Tom N' Toms Coffee in Santa Clara: Tom N' Toms is my go-to coffee shop when I need to focus on my work without driving too far from home. If I'm not working from home, I'm usually at Tom N' Toms. I typically only order my usual Iced Vanilla Latte here, but I love how they make other food as well (the Garlic Butter Bread makes for a great snack!). With decent customer service, fast Wi-Fi, a delicious drink, and an abundance of seats, I can't complain a bit.
+ Wi-Fi: Free
+ Favorite Drink: Iced Vanilla Latte
+ Indoor Seating
+ Perks: Private room (I believe you have to reserve this room)

5. Elite Audio Coffee Bar in San Francisco: This specific coffee shop is a hidden gem to many of my friends and I'm surprised it's not as popular as it should be. May I say that the latte art game here is strong! With a friend, we ordered two Pusheen mochas and I have never fallen harder in love with an inanimate drink until that day. After I posted a picture of the Pusheen lattes, all of my friends bombarded me with questions on where this hidden gem was located, haha. Elite Audio, you will be hidden for not much longer! I will definitely be coming back.
+ Wi-Fi: Free
+ Favorite Drink: Mocha (it's the only drink you can get latte art with)
+ Indoor Seating
+ Perks: Creative latte art designs (Totoro, Baymax, specific requests if you show them a picture, etc.), various succulents, audio room you can look at

Now, if I'm working at home, I make sure to always have an inviting and distraction-free place to work. After all, a messy or scattered work environment is a stressful one indeed. Here's a checklist of items that I always have on the table when working:
+ Morning coffee in a motivational mug (I'm a huge fan of collecting cute mugs. ACupOfQuotes has a huge selection!)
+ Beautiful flowers (My favorite brand is Pale Petals - I'd take a box of flowers over a bouquet any day ;) )
Passion Planner (Helps plan my daily schedule, organize photoshoots, jot down a list of to-do's, etc.)
Erin Condren event planning notebook (Be sure to follow my new Bay Area event planning account that I made with AJ to stay in the loop for future events - @twogetherevent!)
Erin Condren Gemtone Rollerball Pens

Lastly, feeling stumped on what to get your lovely mother for Mother's Day? Here are two suggestions that I'd highly recommend:



1. Pale Petals: Save $15 off and get free shipping by purchase a Spring Package now by clicking the link here! You won't regret it - these flowers/roses are beautifully packaged in a round box and tied with an elegant ribbon. Also, these flowers have a lifespan of over a week without water and your mother will definitely find them refreshing to look at on the kitchen table or her bedroom nightstand :)

2. ACupOfQuotes: Get free shipping on your purchase by using my discount code BLOGANDCOFFEE. If your mother loves her morning tea or coffee, ACupOfQuotes mug would be the perfect motivator to get her day started with a little enthusiasm and sass! Here are a few mugs that I believe would serve as a great gift - Mrs. , But First, Tea , Beauteaful , Pajamas All DayMy Daily Routine: Get Up, Be Amazing, Go Back To Bed.

Wishing everybody a Happy Mother's Day! Do you have any plans for Mother's Day? Share with me in the comments below! :)

Jeans: Almost Famous Clothing | Flowers: Pale Petals | Mug: ACupofQuotes


Much Love,