Let's Talk Skincare: OZ Naturals

With the ever-changing weather and my on-the-go lifestyle, my skin definitely needs the care and protection it deserves. After all, I'm always looking for the best and most trustworthy products to moisturize, hydrate, and clear my skin with ease. However, we all know that finding the right products that actually work for your skin is much harder than it seems. In the past, I never really found products that benefited my skin until I started doing my research. Recently, I've discovered a skin care brand called OZ Naturals, which naturally ended my hunt for additional effective skin care products. Using natural ingredients in all of their products, I'm super happy to know that OZ Naturals does not shy away from informing me what I'm actually applying to my skin. Additionally, I can feel more confident knowing that their eye creme does wonders in tightening and firming my skin. Let me take you on a quick little tour from introducing OZ Naturals to the reasons why I wholeheartedly support this brand.

First off, I love the mission that the OZ Naturals' Co-Founder, Angela Irish, wants to accomplish. She strongly believes that everybody deserves products that work just for them and looks down upon money-hungry companies who make false claims about their products. Angela values the customer experience and wants to ensure that all of her customers are satisfied with her products. In my opinion, any company that shows care and consideration for each and every one of their clients all the while promoting high-quality products is definitely a company I would support. Also, for my animal lovers and activists, may I add that OZ Natural products are created through cruelty-free means? In other words, these products are NOT tested on animals - hooray! :)

By putting on a full load of makeup for both social media events and photoshoots that I attend, it's no kidding that my skin needs a refresher every now and then. That's why I'm here to share and review the OZ Naturals Ageless Natural Eye Creme with you guys. Although this product was specifically designed as an eye creme, you can also apply this product around your eyes, forehead, and cheek areas. Additionally, this creme can be used for both your morning and night skincare routines. Even at 24 years old, I'm just starting to freak out that I now see wrinkles on my forehead and puffier looking eyes - physical features that I never used to have. Although it is inevitable that we will age (and so will our physical appearances), it's good to know that we can take several steps to combat or delay these effects. I noticed that the cooling effect of this product allows my skin to tighten and feel more firm with every use. On both the packaging box and product tube itself, you can see that the ingredients in this eye creme include Matrixyl Synthe'6, Astaxanthin, Coffee Seed Extract, Algae Extract, Carrot Root Extract, and Vitamin E. The objective of the OZ Ageless Natural Eye Creme is to use anti-aging ingredients to battle any wrinkles or scars near the eye area or entire face.

Another great reason why I love this product is the fact that it conveniently carries everything I need in a skincare treatment in one single tube! How amazing is that?! My previous skincare routine included using anywhere from one to five products in a row and boy, was that time consuming! With OZ Naturals, I love how this specific product saves me both the time and energy when it comes to my daily skincare routine. Especially for travel (whether I'm staying at a friend's place or a hotel), it's nice to know that I can pack this one creme in my suitcase for instant skin care renewal versus packing several products that take up an unnecessary amount of room in my suitcase. 

To sum this entire post up, I've been using this product for over a week now and can already feel and see a noticeably positive difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. Along with a decent sleeping schedule, I'm hoping that the consistent use of this new skin care product will be enough to eliminate the puffiness underneath my eyes over time! Thank you OZ Naturals for being the solution to my skincare problems this fall season.

Much Love,