Inspired To Inspire

Throughout my entire journey of lifestyle blogging, there are times where I have felt super inspired and other times when I have lacked motivation to post anything at all. Truthfully, there will always be your good days as well as your bad ones. However, I've noticed that it is easier to stay inspired, driven, and optimistic when you have people you look up to. Personally, having role models to follow actually helps me stay positive, as their hard work and efforts persuades me to work just as hard as them. Also, I follow people who don't take the easy route through life, but actually work their asses off to be where they are today. Thus, I am always on the lookout for new accounts that inspire me in any way possible, whether it be from the most impressive food layouts to picturesque travel scenery photos. It has touched my heart that a few of you have told me that I've inspired you in some way and I wanted to let you all know that I seriously wouldn't be here without you. Both my role models and my audience (that's you guys!) push me to produce creative content and I couldn't be any more happier doing what I love. So for today's post, I've listed a few well-known social media influencers who have inspired me in someway, somehow and I'd love for you all to take a look at their pages in hopes that they inspire you as well.

GreyLayers (@thegreylayers): If you are an active social media influencer or blogger on Instagram, there's a high chance that you probably already know who this girl boss is. She is the epitome of perfection, yet stays true and real to her audience - and that's what I genuinely love about Jeanne Grey. I love and look up to people who showcase their real personality and don't put up a wall to look like society's version of "perfect" or "professional". Some people think that they have to stay "professional" by wearing makeup 24/7 or by not posting silly pictures - but no, that's not true at all. The way you carry yourself is what you make out of your profession and TheGreyLayers does that perfectly. Also, Jeanne's captions are so beautifully written and carry the objective to inspire others to travel more, live more, and do more - it's no wonder she inspires so many people in the world, including me. And like her name, her feed is made up of a minimalistic gallery of lifestyle posts that is pleasing to the eye. Jeanne Grey is definitely an NYC based creative worth following for her go-getter attitude.

Bellywellyjelly (@bellywellyjelly) : I actually stumbled upon this blogger's page by accident through Instagram's explore page, but it worked out for the best because I automatically fell in love with every post that she published. Christabel has this really bubbly, fun, and honest personality that never fails to make you smile when you view her Youtube videos, Snapchats, or Instagram posts. This specific blogger also stood out to me because she's one of the few who has shown me that silly pictures and candid photos are acceptable to post on Instagram if that's what you want to show your audience. Before following Christabel, I had the previous mindset that you must only post serious posts on Instagram, but Bellywellyjelly has opened me up to showcase my true personality to my audience and I couldn't thank her enough for that. Also, I love how Christabel used to be a fashion and travel host on Youtube and her videos REALLY inspired me to chase a similar life - to make fun travel videos with the people you love, to spend quality time with your loved ones, and to positively inspire others around you. Additionally, I absolutely love Singaporean fashion and Christabel looks absolutely stunning in any outfit that she features on her page. And if you like reading deep, emotional, and personal posts, you just HAVE to check out her #thoughtposts because this girl is seriously such an amazing writer!

ByLisaLinh (@bylisalinh): Based in Southern California, Lisa Linh publishes inspiring lifestyle posts that really resonate with me. Also, I feel that I can similarly relate to Lisa Linh just because I recognize some of the places that she has been to before since I visit Southern California quite often. ByLisaLinh is definitely someone who has inspired me since the beginning of my lifestyle blogging journey and I always read up on her posts to stay inspired and motivated with my own blog. What I really admired about Lisa Linh was the fact that she made the huge leap - to quit her 9-5 job to pursue what she loves. Because of this leap, she has the life that I have always dreamed of having and I would like to do make the same leap someday. Not a lot of bloggers would have the guts to make this huge leap, but sometimes taking dangerous and unknown risks are worth the rewards. ByLisaLinh has shown me that it IS possible to chase your dream career if you strongly believe in yourself and feel passionate enough to work towards your goals.

TaraMilkTea (@taramilktea): If you are not following TaraMilkTea on Instagram but love food with a burning passion, you need to hop on her page and follow Tara now! Her food layout skills are absolute goals and she definitely gets creative with each of her posts. On top of making aesthetic food layouts from a restaurant's entrees, Tara also creates DIY food recipes as well (such as rainbow strawberries or mermaid popsicles). How amazing is that, and how amazing is Tara?!

Cuppajyo (@cuppajyo): Also located in the Bay Area, I always love how Jyo's posts tend to be filled with vibrant colors. Honestly, I do like the look of minimalistic feeds that contain grey, white, and black every now and then, but I do not like how so many of these accounts look the exact same on Instagram (with the exception of the creative GreyLayers). Similarly to Jyo, I LOVE color and don't think I could even manage a feed with such a limited amount of colors. Not only does Jyo rock the bohemian trend quite well, but she also features other styles as well. Whatever outfit she is wearing, Jyo never fails to look absolutely flawless!

With all of my role models such as the ones I have listed above, I always stay up-to-date with their latest posts because they actually inspire me enough to want to check up on their pictures. If you're looking for that source of inspiration to motivate you to do more in life, I suggest that you find a few inspirational role models to follow as well! :)

Do you know any of the social media influencers that I have listed above? Which ones do you follow? Who is your favorite social media influencer?

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Much Love,