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It's inevitable - we all judge a book by its cover, much like we judge a person based on the clothes that he/she wears. If you ask me why I love fashion so much, enough that it has become an integral part of my everyday life, my answer to you can be summed up in exactly two simple words - creative freedom. Despite people's judgments and eye glances (you all know we can't avoid those), I absolutely love how we are able to live in a world that welcomes creative, bizarre, and out-of-the-box ideas. And the ones who go against society's popular trends to create their own trend (shoutout to the role model TheGreyLayers) - I absolutely admire those people and their IDGAF attitude. It takes guts to go against the crowd, and I for one, support people who pursue their innovative ideas without caring what other people may think of them. In my second collaboration with my friend and blogger babe Leanna, we wanted to demonstrate that rocking different fashion styles should not get in the way of getting to know one another.  

I feel that fashion is both a good and a bad thing - or maybe we don't have fashion to blame after all, but ourselves. I feel that people in this world definitely judge a person based on his/her outfit of the day and create this entire portfolio on that person's life based on how he/she dresses. As much as I agree that an individual's outfit serves as a partial representation of his/her personality, it should not 100% define his/her character and we should not make assumptions on who this person is based on if he/she is having a lazy sweatpants day or no makeup day.

For example, I'm a pretty conservative individual who doesn't like to show off much skin nor do I have any piercings or tattoos. I feel that if I were to meet somebody who was the complete opposite of me in looks (shows off a lot of skin or has multiple piercings and tattoos), it's inevitable for me to form some sort of pre-conceived notion about him/her. However, this pre-formed judgement would NOT stop me from wanting to get to know this person because you really don't know a person until you share a conversation with him/her in real life. Much like social media, you cannot truly say you know a person until you interact with him/her face-to-face.

With this post, I just wanted to share that fashion is a form of art and expression, but people should not allow that art to define the artist entirely. Leanna and I have completely different wardrobes, but we get along really well and share a similar sense of humor - but would I have known this if I didn't bother to get to know Leanna just because she doesn't wear lace pieces like I do? This just goes to show that making full-blown judgements about a person's outfit just because you personally wouldn't wear it may actually stop you from getting to know a really great person.

So the next time that you see somebody wearing something you would NOT wear, don't be that kind of person who whispers negative comments to your friend - you're much better than that. Be the one who appreciates just how cool it is to rock unicorn hair, combine clashing patterns in one outfit, etc. and how you wish you could do something as wild. Let's keep those positive vibes flowing.

Be sure to check out Leanna's blog post here to see additional photos from our collaboration :)

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