Alexander's Steakhouse Food Tasting

Last Thursday, I met up with Bay Area food photographer, Jeremy Chung, for a food tasting at the exquisite Alexander’s Steakhouse located in Cupertino. With the attentive and friendly staff serving us top-notch entrees throughout our meal, this lunch was definitely memorable and served as the perfect time for us foodies to catch up with each other’s lives before my big move to Southern California. The luxurious ambiance, the beautiful presentation of their entrees, and the excellent customer service - everything was on point from start to finish at Alexander’s Steakhouse and I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience.

For lunch, Jeremy and I started off with Two Hamachi Shots, followed by the Big Eye Tuna Tartare. The hamachi shots were definitely melt-in-your-mouth fantastic and I enjoyed every bite of the flavorful fish mixed in with truffled ponzu and diced avocado pieces.

Since Jeremy and I aren't huge fans of alcoholic beverages during meals, we went for the mocktail route instead. The combined flavor of orange cream soda and vanilla was absolutely astounding (and actually quite addicting) so you already know that we wholeheartedly agreed to a second round of drinks.

We also sampled the Gyu Kushiyaki, Wagyu Burger and Steak Frites. All of these meat options were both tender and juicy, which are definite factors I'm looking for when I'm dining at a steakhouse. I have to say that my favorite entree was the Wagyu Burger, as the meat patty was cooked to a perfect medium-rare state and tasted amazing with the rest of the ingredients.

Who says that you can't order dessert after lunch?! To finish off our delicious meal, Jeremy and I also enjoyed the Apricot Panna Cotta, the Chocolate Ganache, and the Banana Custard. For the Banana Custard dessert, I loved watching how our waiter poured the chocolate syrup on top of the delicate peanut butter shell (which surrounded the banana custard and vanilla ice cream). Upon slowly pouring the syrup, the shell breaks ever so slightly, creating the perfect dessert presentation for both pictures and mouth-watering eyes. The Apricot Panna Cotta was delicious with every bite and the Chocolate Ganache exuded a rich chocolate flavor that I haven't tasted before, but loved.

To end this post, I wanted to thank my good friend, Jeremy, for many reasons. Not only do I want to thank Jeremy for bringing me with him to various food tastings around the Bay Area to practice my food photography, but I also wanted to especially thank him for teaching me a valuable lesson  - to never settle. Jeremy taught me that it is always possible to chase your dreams and that with hard work and dedication, you will be able to create the life you've always wanted. I admire him for both his hardcore passion and drive to "only eat the best" (his motto) and his love for food is definitely infectious, so infectious that he has inspired close friends (including me) to pursue food photography. So again, thank you Jeremy for being such an inspiration to my blogging career and I absolutely support the work that you do 100%. Lastly, thank you Alexander's Steakhouse for having us and we had such a great time dining with you!

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