How To Make A Media Kit: The Ultimate Resume For All Influencers/Bloggers


One of the most popular questions that slid through my DMs as of lately is, “what is a media kit?” and “how do you make a media kit?”. Since I love helping you guys out when it comes to providing tips on how to become a successful influencer/blogger and landing brand deals, I have decided to rewrite an updated blog post addressing this subject so that all of you can be in the know of just HOW important creating and owning a media kit is if you are a part of the influencer community. Let’s get started with the basic definition of a media kit before I take you on a virtual tour on HOW to make a media kit and WHAT my media kit looks like!


“What is a media kit?”

A media kit is a visual resume for bloggers and influencers that is comprised of text, numerical statistics, and photos. Pretty much, it is similar to an aesthetic flyer that represents your brand. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of things, a media kit should (from my personal opinion) contain the following:

  • About Me (1-3 sentences)

  • Photos of Yourself (1-5)

    • I highly suggest putting enough photos just so that there’s no awkward “empty” space in your media kit

  • Instagram Demographics (Audience, Gender, Location)

  • Analytics/Statistics from your Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)

  • List of Past Partnerships

    • You can include the actual logo of the brand you have worked with, or just simply type the brand name.

  • Any additional information, text, photos, and/or screenshots that may help you stand out from the average influencer/blogger.

Although the recommended page length is one page/slide (like a resume!), I personally think it is okay to expand your media kit to multiple pages if every additional page contains VITAL information that helps you stick out to a brand. Since my media kit is a few pages long, I make sure that EVERY single carries important information about me and my social platforms so that I do not waste a brand’s time scrolling through useless shit. Personally, I rather showcase more pages in a clean and organized fashion in contrast to squishing a bunch of information on one page. From the agency or brand manager perspective, when I see a media kit that looks too cluttered or “lazy” (lacks information that I may need as a brand owner), I get the impression that he/she didn’t put his/her full effort in and was just trying to get this kit minimally done.

Make sure that you spend enough time working on both the aesthetics and presentation of your media kit! Although brands do value numbers and ROI as well, please keep in mind that your media kit still represents a part of your business and you WANT to have the best first impression possible when doing business with another party! :)

“How do you make a media kit?”

For the last few years, I was using a media kit template that a friend made for me from scratch. However, from all of the crazy giveaways I’ve hosted and being followed and unfollowed by annoying-as-shit F/UF accounts, it was inevitable that my numbers were bound to fluctuate throughout the months. Thus, I decided it was time to give my ENTIRE media kit a revamp by starting anew.

If you have no artistic talent for graphic design (that’s me TBH), you can honestly hire somebody to create your media kit from scratch. However, I wanted to make a media kit for myself so that I had total control of what information I could incorporate, and thus, started googling “free media kit templates”. Canva was byfar my favorite website, and it offers TONS of free templates for you to pick and choose your favorite! Click the link here to see all of Canva’s amazing media kit templates.

Here are a few ways you can create your own MEDIA KIT TEMPLATE - I’ve compiled these sources from both my own research and suggestions from friends:

  • Canva (I use this website!)

    • Find Canva media kit templates here.

  • Etsy (Must buy a template)

    • Find Etsy media kit templates here.

  • Microsoft Word (You can make a template from scratch)

  • Adobe InDesign (You can make a template from scratch)


“Do I include my rates in my media kit?”

Yes and no. Hah, sorry - that answer might be a bit confusing. Let me rephrase this - it’s up to YOU.

There are many ways to go about this. If you charge a standard rate for your posts and do NOT want to negotiate or change that rate, you can include your rate(s) in your media kit.

Another way you can go about this is to create a separate PDF called a “Rate Sheet”. This is a one-page sheet that literally lists your rates per package, and is a separate file from your media kit. See below for examples of what you can potentially charge clients for.

  • Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook Posts

  • Instagram/Snapchat Stories

  • Instagram Videos

  • YouTube Videos

  • Event Attendances/Posts

Personally, I do NOT own a rate card or include my rates on my media kit. Because I love talking to my clients and getting to know their needs (what they need from me and how I can help fulfill their company goals), I typically include my rates in the email thread instead so that there’s room for negotiation, growth, and discussion.

Now for the fun part - although I typically do not show my media kit to the public and send this PDF solely to brands, I also thought, “What’s to hide? Why CAN’T I show my media kit to help those who want to create their own?”

Honestly, one of the things that I have noticed is that the majority of the influencer community tends to keep private information to themselves - and I completely understand and respect what brand owners decide to keep confidential or not. However, I also WANT to be the helpful resource and welcoming platform that helps you achieve your goals and jumpstart this boss babe business of yours.

Thus, you can scroll below to see what MY CURRENT MEDIA KIT looks like! Remember, no media kit is “perfect” out there and that every media kit is unique, just like YOU!

If you found this blog post helpful, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could click the heart button at the bottom of this post and leave a comment! To anyone reading this, good luck on creating your first media kit (or revamping your current version) and just know that you can DM me anytime if you have any additional questions - my inbox is always open ;) Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to y’all soon!

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