2018 Christmas Gift Guide For Her


Last week, I created a poll on Instastories and a LOT of you mentioned that you still had to do your holiday shopping! However, you don’t have to fret for two reasons - first off, I’m on the same boat as you (heh) and second of all, I’ve created this helpful Christmas gift guide to make your holiday shopping process a lot more stress-free! Since I receive a ton of requests to blog about gift guides, I made sure to create a 2018 Christmas Gift Guide For Her so that you can take the stress off your holiday shopping this year by getting amazing presents for your loved ones!


To make things easier on you (the gifter!), I’ve categorized these gifts by the type of person you plan on spoiling this year…see below for which genre matches your loved one most! Also, just to clarify, I either own or have already tried these brands/products, so I can strongly vouch that these are gifts worth giving for the holiday season!

  • Cooking

  • Fitness

  • Planners

  • Health & Wellness

  • Beauty

  • Home Decor/Lifestyle

  • Fashion

  • Skincare


If your loved one is a huge cooking enthusiast, I would highly recommend getting them an Air Fryer by Crux for Christmas! Specifically, it’s called the Crux 5.3-Qt. Digital Air Convection Fryer, which you can purchase at your local Macy’s. Essentially, an air fryer fries a respective food with “air pressure” so that you still taste the crispiness and crunch without the oil! A healthier french fry?! Now that’s what I’m talking about ;)

Recently, I gifted this air fryer to my family by CRUX and they are in LOVE with the quality of this air fryer! Not only is it very spacious (we literally air -fried an ENTIRE chicken in here! What whatttt), but this air fryer is easy to clean afterwards as well! Next time, we plan to air fry sweet potato fries! Save your loved one from the deep frying cooking hassle by getting this air fryer!


Looking to make a fitness enthusiast smile this holiday season? If he/she doesn’t already own a pair, Apple’s Airpods are the way to go and they are priced at quite an affordable rate! From the compact and convenient packaging case (which also charges your Airpods when on-the-go!) to the hassle-free wireless feature, I love how you can wear your Airpods at practically any workout. I’ve tested them out for myself - they don’t fall off while lifting weights or running on the treadmill! Plus, if your gym buddy forgets his/her headphones or earbuds for the day, you can share one of your Airpods and can both still listen to quality, headbobbin’, heart-pumpin’ music!

If we want to get real nit-picky here, Airpods can technically be gifted to the everyday individual, as you can wear them while walking on the sidewalk, on the subway, at work, etc. - however, I will say that I highly recommend them for those who hit the gym often!


As much as I am a crazy planner lady at heart, I somehow was able to and compile my 3+ planners filled with my workload/thoughts/schedule into one planner maximum for the last few months - not sure how I’m surviving, but I am!

Currently, I use the LifePlanner by Erin Condren, which I highly recommend for those bubbly, positive gals who LOVE color and motivational quotes! I always order my LifePlanner with the vertical layout so that I can outline my to-dos, photoshoot/collaboration deadlines, and any plans with friends or family! With horizontal planner layouts, I’m personally not a fan of how little writing room there is, so I prefer writing in planners with a generous amount of space offered.

Lucky for you minimalists, if Erin Condren stationery is a bit too colorful for you, EC recently came out with a new collection called the Focused Collection - an ideal planner for both men and women!

Additionally, if you want a more goal-oriented planner that helps you track your progress and achieve your short-term and long-term goals, I would go for Passion Planner instead! Passion Planner is the planner brand that allowed me to recognize and analyze the current state of where I was in my career, and what I needed to do to achieve my next goals. LOVE!

P.S. Stay tuned for an ERIN CONDREN pGIVEAWAY at the end of this blog post! ;)

Health & Wellness

As someone who preaches self-love and self-care over and over again on Instagram and Instastories, I have a few GREAT recommendations for those loved ones who are into destressing, relaxation, and me time!

If you find yourself always running around like a headless chicken during your work days and never take the time to just BREATHE/RELAX, the Steam Eye Masks by MegRhythm are a LIFESAVER! Essentially, you put this mask over your eyes for just 10 minutes and steam emits from the mask as soon as you open the package - whoa! I also recommended this product to one of my friends back in the Bay Area and she bought it instantly after I introduced her to the brand - and guess what, she LOVES it! You can already guess what I got her for Christmas ;)

Another present I would recommend for your health and wellness friend or family member includes any type of Pillow Sprays, Room Spray, or Bed Spray. When I feel like I’m taking the time to “prepare” my bed like its a sanctuary, I feel more at peace before I hit the bed. Currently, my favorites include the And Now To Sleep Pillow Spray by REN Skincare, Rest Linen Mist by OSEA Malibu x Parachute Home, and Japanese Cherry Blossom Room Spray by Bath & Body Works.



I plan to create a recap of my favorite beauty products in a separate blog post; however, to keep things simple, I’ll list a few beauty products that I personally LOVE that you CANNOT go wrong with as a holiday present or stocking stuffer.


What’s your loved one’s favorite accessory? For me, it’s been EARRINGS - a small accessory that can serve as such a HUGE statement piece! If you ask me for my top recommended jewelry brands that carry timeless pieces, they include Kendra Scott and Gorjana.

I recently gifted my oldest sister a beautiful yellow box of Kendra Scott earrings and she LOVES the rose gold color! See their rose gold earrings collection here.

For me, I’ve been wearing my two Gorjana necklaces on REPEAT and I love how you can layer Gorjana necklaces to create a multi-layered necklace! See their collection of necklaces here.

If your loved one absolutely adores intricate and dainty jewelry pieces, I would definitely recommend shopping at either of these jewelry stores for quality and timeless pieces that your loved one can wear for years!

Home Decor

So what’s a Merry Christmas without a freshly scented candle?

If you don’t buy a Bath and Body Works candle for yourself, you should at least pick a few up for your loved ones! Bath & Body Works carries a variety of candle scents - my personal favorite is the Vanilla Bean Noel 3-Wick Candle!

Also, if you want to be a little EXTRA, you can purchase a matching wreath to place around this candle - see wreath options here.

P.S. My best friend, Marisa, went HAM during a Bath & Body Works sale and literally bought their whole collection of candles, LOL! If both my best friend and I are obsessed with their candles, you already know that they are worth taking a look into!


Because of my obsession with skincare, I’ll be coming out with a separate blog post on my top favorite skincare products of 2018 - stay tuned! However, to keep things short and sweet, I wanted to share ONE holy grail product that the everyday individual would love!

One product that I cannot imagine living without is Patchology’s FlashPatch Rejunevating Eye Gels (30 Pack). In fact, I keep this product by my nightstand because I use it so often while working at my desk at home since these eye gels serve as a quick pick-me-up throughout my day! Personally, I do think this product is on the pricier end, but still worth every penny regardless.

If the 30 Pack is too expensive for your budget, you can buy a 1-pack for just $3.00 (serves as an amazing stocking stuffer!) or the 5-pack box for $15!


This holiday season, I am giving ONE lucky winner the opportunity to win a $75 Gift Voucher to Erin Condren, one of my favorite stationery brands of all time! From motivational planners to the softest blankets, Erin Condren has everything you need to make your life more colorful and optimistic! See below for the official rules to this giveaway.


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