Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential is a social media agency that strives to handle and deliver influencer marketing tasks flawlessly. By working with a select few social media influencers/bloggers who have garnered an authentic Instagram following, organic engagement, and high quality content, we are extremely confident that our influencers can create the content and deliver the results that you are looking for.

Working in social media industry for 5+ years and analyzing the entirety of the industry ourselves, our team at Infinite Potential knew exactly what factors were missing in the influencer marketing field that many PR companies failed to fulfill - timely emails, organized collaboration deliverables, clear and concise contracts, and promising results from sponsored posts.

These days, it is easy for brands to be tricked by influencers with fake followers and likes, but our main objective is to provide quality and genuine sponsored content through connecting prestigious brands with an exclusive roster list of talented creatives.

our influencer marketing includes:

  • Content Creation

  • Sponsored Instagram Posts, Instastories, & Instagram Videos

  • Professional Photography

  • Professional Videography

  • Giveaways

  • Blog Posts

  • YouTube Videos


Kerina Wang


549k Instagram followers

Kerina Wang is known to be one of the most “viral” Instagrammers in the influencer community, as she is frequently reposted by feature pages and reputable businesses. With inspirational travel content, flawless fashion style, and fun family photos, her page is what you can truly call #Instagramgoals.


Huyen Tran


67.5k Instagram followers

Huyen Tran is a fashion blogger from Toledo and also a new-time mom to her baby girl, Tessa. From sharing mom advice to her latest fashion favorites, Huyen strives to make her page a welcoming platform to all moms and fashionistas alike.


Michelle Sun


47.7k Instagram followers

Michelle Sun is a fashion /lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Orange County, California. With her blog and social platforms, she aims to stand out from the typical influencer by sharing everyday self-care tips & life advice in her posts to help one achieve his/her best life possible.

Thy Nguyen


27.3k Instagram followers

Thy Nguyen is a petite fashion blogger who recently moved to Houston from San Francisco. Aside from being a full-time nurse, she loves sharing her favorite makeup, skincare, and haircare favorites with her followers and spreads positive vibes wherever she goes.