What was once a hobby soon turned into a dream career.

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And from there, she hustled her ass off to make her dream career come true.

Missmisschelle is a lifestyle blog dedicated to proving that you can make a living doing what you love all day, every day. By ditching the ol' 9-5 desk routine, Michelle Sun aims to make a difference in the world by inspiring others to do more in their everyday lives through her daily posts of fashion, food, lifestyle, and travel. With her positive words and go-getter attitude, Michelle wakes up every morning with a purpose in mind - to encourage her readers to discover their life passions, pursue their dreams, and chase happiness. From inspirational stories to career tips and tricks, Michelle covers all of these topics with a down-to-earth and relatable personality that her audience can truly resonate with.

After falling in love with the freelance lifestyle of a blogger, Michelle knew that this was meant to be her dream career. On a whim, she decided to trust her gut feeling by spontaneously moving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles in order to grow her blog and network with like-minded creatives. As her own girl boss, Michelle loves answering emails, brainstorming creative blog post topics to address, organizing media events, and every other responsibility that comes with blogging. Within just one year of hard work and dedication, Michelle was able to make her blogging dreams come true. She has collaborated with over 200 companies, fosters a positive community through her inspirational pieces, and has developed a burning passion to take portrait photography for her friends. In 2017, Michelle strives to make the entire world her office as she travels from city to city creating inspirational content for her followers.

On Missmisschelle, you can expect to find the unexpected - basically, topics that your average blogger won't talk about. If there are any topics that you would like Missmisschelle to talk about in her next blog post, feel free to send her an email or leave a friendly comment on one of her blog posts! 

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