Nice to meet you, I’m Michelle! And here’s my story…

After Michelle bounced from job to job working for lazy bosses and unmotivated coworkers, she realized that the 9-5 life was not for her. Although financial security, end-of-the-year bonuses, and an impressive job status came with the corporate life, these factors were not enough to make her stay. From her previous job experiences, Michelle consistently witnessed lack of motivation, passion, and fulfillment at the workplace and she knew that there was more to life than “surviving” through the work day.


While trying to find the ideal corporate career, Michelle soon began to realize that social media management and content creation were fields that she felt truly passionate about. Not only did she love connecting with like-minded creatives and brand owners from different regions of the world, but she finally discovered a community that shared the same interests as her. Making the most spontaneous and craziest decision of her life, Michelle decided to wave goodbye to the tech-oriented city of Cupertino and hello to creative-central Los Angeles to throw herself into blogging full-time.


Through her blog and social media channels, Michelle wanted do more and be more - to offer more depth, genuinity, and inspiration in her captions and posts than the typical social media influencer or blogger.


In 2018, Michelle rebranded Missmisschelle to focus on popular topics that powerfully strike the heart of every living soul. By sharing the most helpful, informative, and up-to-date tips that benefit the everyday person’s life, Michelle’s main objective with her blog (and her life) is to create a positive lasting impression on the people around her by helping others feel more positive, uplifted, and supported in this crazy journey we call life.


Besides working on her blog, Michelle is also a professional portrait and product photographer at Michelle Sun Photography.



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